We are always seeking highly motivated talents at multiple levels. 



Ph.D Students

We are always looking for excellent Ph.D students with self-motivation and passion for research. Priorities will be given to prospective candidates with research background in 2D materials growth, micro-/nano-device fabrication, photodetectors, field-effect transistors, flexible electronics, logic gates, digital circuits, optical engineering, and so on. We take 2-3 graduate students every year. If you are interested in our research projects, please send your Transcript and CV (including Research Experience and Publication List, if any) to Prof. Tan (chaoltan@cityu.edu.hk).

(1) The application deadline for Postgraduate Admissions is normally on 2 December (at 12:00 noon, Hong Kong time) every year. Applications received after the above-mentioned deadline can also be considered subject to the availability of student places. To learn more details about Postgraduate Admissions, please click here.

(2) The minimum English Proficiency Requirement by the College of Engineering is one of the follows.

# TOEFL: a minimum total score 79 (internet-based)

# IELTS: a minimum score of 6.5

# CET-6: a minimum score of 490 (Needs special approvel by the University)

(3) Outstanding PhD candidates with a high GPA and strong research background can apply for the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme which provides much more attractive package (Please click here for more details). The Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme usually calls for application from 1 September, and the deadline for submission is on 2 December (at 12:00 noon, Hong Kong time) every year. The application result will be notified in March of next year. Note that successful applicants are normally required to commence studies at the University in September of next year.



​​Visiting Scholars/Exchange Students

Our group welcomes Visiting Scholars/Exchange Students with similar research interests to join us.



Undergraduate Students

We welcome highly self-motivated Undergraduate Students to participate in our research programs. If you are interested in our study, please send your CV, a brief description of research interests, and research experiences (if any) to Prof. Tan.